Introducing The Wonderful World of Plastics

Imagine living in the late 1800’s England. If you were from an affluent family, everything that you have in your house comes from expensive materials. Your wooden furniture probably came from Africa. It could also have been made with gold and silver. Your house was built from this magic goo called cement and lined with materials like coral and wood as well. Most of your utensils in the kitchen are made of silver or stainless steel and your fine china are made from the best ceramics. The dresses and suits that you wear are also probably made from silk. Life was good, if a little expensive.

However, if you were from a poor family, everything that you have is probably made out of cheap wood that you chopped from your apple tree in your backyard. Your house is made from solid bricks and the pavements around were made of bricks and other natural materials as well. You had little china in your home and most of it was just found here and there. Life was a little difficult but bearable.

It might be hard to imagine a life without plastic. It is even harder to imagine that this was just invented after the turn of the 19th century. So in estimation, plastic has just been in existence for only a hundred years! One might argue that the first plastics were made from plants, but we are talking about the man-made plastic. Affordable, flexible and even water-resistant, plastics became one of the materials that are frequently used in many industries. From engineering, food processing and even clothing, plastic became a part of daily life. With the advancement in technology, many of the gadgets we have today would not be possible without high-grade plastic.

Nowadays, it can be a little hard to find anything that does not have plastics. The food that we eat is usually torn out from plastic containers. Drinking bottles are usually made from plastic for easier handling and storage. The clothes that we have these days usually are a combination of plastic and some other organic material. Even buildings these days use plastic for a variety of purposes from paint containers to acrylic walls and windows. Some are even used to line water systems and cover the lines that give us electricity and even internet. Plastics can be used in so many ways that other materials cannot even compare.  Contact a company like C-PAK Industries to see how you can take your product from an expensive material like metal or fiberglass and make it from a lesser expensive LLDPE that can be recycled when its like span has been completed.

We must also understand that anything in excess can be dangerous to us. Plastic is a wonderful thing, and humanity has garnered its benefits throughout the years. However, we are also inclined to abuse such gifts. As such, we must be conscientious in using these products. Do not just throw plastics away; practice recycling so that the waste can be minimized. Also, do no burn plastics; instead find ways of disposing them properly. We humans have the power to create plastics and we must be responsible for the things we have created. If we become careless, it could come back right to us.


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