Plastic and Personal Responsibility

Plastic is considered as one of the most important inventions of our time. As we are now in the 21st century, almost everything has plastic in it. From cars, televisions, cell phones, even in food packaging plastic is used extensively. Essentially plastic’s deemed purpose was to replace some of the materials that are not very durable like glass and ceramic. It was also proven to be a good substitute for wood and metal for many things. It was said to be a god send when this was material was invented as no other material can do it like plastic. It has the mold ability of ceramic without being brittle, the toughness of metal without being expensive, and the durability wood can give without destroying a forest.


However, one of the biggest issues that plastic faces is its biodegradability. It is not like the rest of the other materials because it does not break down into simpler compounds very easily. In fact, some plastics take years or even millions of years to just decompose. This has posed a problem to the environment and the beings living init. Plastic is considered toxic when ingested by many animals and humans. This has led to many to people to believe that plastic is evil and we should eradicate its use. They are specifically targeting the ones used for food consumption, especially plastic bags.


Plastic bags are just one of the many products of plastic. This ingenious little thing can hold many, many objects in it without tearing very easily. It is also water resistant and mildly heat resistant to some extent well. They can also be folded and can be kept really well. Sadly, this is also one of the more prevalent plastic residues and can float around the sea or stay in land for many years. There are so many movements against plastic bags now and most of them want to use paper, cotton or even the green eco bags. Take note, however, that those green eco bags are also made up of -you guessed it- plastic as well. So how can we consider this more eco-friendly than the plastic bag? If you even think about it, the cotton bags take too much time to make and paper bags cannot even las thunder the rain. Once you dispose of these, they can also contribute to the world pollution because if you add this to other wastes there is a bigger chance that these will just stay longer.


This is where it lies: total responsibility. Plastic is not necessarily evil. However, its use and abuse over time made it the apparent public enemy number one of many people. We always forget that the repercussions of plastic lies within its maker: us. The ones who throw away haphazardly and uses plastic only once then throw away as well. Many other inventions might not have been possible without plastic. We must take action by realizing that the tool may not be necessarily the bad guy, and the people who use them must try to control the situation they have caused.



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