The Plastic Generation

Plastic can be considered as a wondrous material. Imagine, a material that has the malleability of metal under heat, the durability of wood without the risk of rotting and can be used many different ways. There are lots of plastics around us. We usually use plastic in food packaging to lengthen its shelf life. We also use this in engineering and construction for the nooks and crannies as well as finishings. Plastic is also used in technology like your cell phone and computer cases. Plastic bags are in the norm to package many things as well. Even in the military, plastic has been used to create many light weight devices.


With this type of material lying around, we have gained significant use over it. As it is built around toughness and durability, it can last for many centuries. It has been a joke that if you buy a plastic canister it would survive for three lifetimes and possibly longer. However plastic, like diamonds, are not forever. They just take a pretty long time before they go away. This has raised concern for many people as it can have adverse effects to the environment and can lead to its mass accumulation. One of those actions that take took was to replace plastic bags with more sustainable and eco-friendly items like hemp bags.


This is where the bad reputation of plastic is coming from: its role in the food and packaging industry. As food is used for nutrition and consumption, it is no wonder that this has been raising concern over many people. The irresponsible throwing of plastic in the environment also leads to plastic as one of the culprits why pollution increases. Along with other materials, this can also lengthen the life of other wastes and can lead into more devastating consequences.


We, the so-called Plastic Generation, should know better than this. We must take action so that proper use of plastic can be enforced into the society. Thus, recycling is introduced as a way to lessen the impact of this. We can do this by simply learning how we can use them again at a different perspective. For example, a country in the European Union even use waste materials to generate electricity and they even import from other countries just to sustain the energy generation. There are also groups who use plastic to combine with other materials to produce bricks. In the plastic industry, there are many who use their plastics again to produce other materials using molding technology.


However, we should also segregate the products so that it will not deter other materials from decomposing. Biodegradable plastic also exists, but it is still up to debate whether some of these are truly biodegradable. Some of them actually just break into smaller pieces called microplastic. When ingested by anything, it can cause problems in your digestive system and your overall health. Plastics are something that we can take advantage of to make our lives easier; we must use it responsibly to make our lives a little better as well.



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