Unlimited Design Possibilities

With proper design, parts from other processes that are currently assembled from several pieces can be molded as one integral part, saving on expensive fabrication and assembly costs.

Economical Tooling Costs

Since Rotational Molding is a low pressure process, molds for this process can be built at a fraction of the cost compared to other molding processes. We offer a one stop shop for all of your tooling needs. All Patterns, Mold Assembly, Fixtures and Maintenance is done on-site, keeping delays to your project at a minimum.

Molded-In Items

Graphics and Threaded Inserts can easily be molded directly into your product design. Colored Graphics are very durable and will not scratch off, ideal for Colored Logos or Warning Labels. Threaded Inserts give your part that added durability for your assembly process. Molded in Threaded Inserts have exceptional pull out strength and come in Standard, Metric and NPT sizes.

Low Volumes

The nature of Rotational Molding and how it works lends itself to those companies that are looking to produce annual volumes of 500 – 15,000 parts per year.

Color Changes

Easily change between colors on one order without costly line cleanings and long delays. With proper care and maintenance by the molder, your mold can go thru multiple color changes before needing to go thru a good cleaning.

Color Matching

Any pantone color you are looking to have your part made in can be matched. C-PAK offers stock colors off the shelf, but can match and color blend, as well create granite colors in house.

Surface Finish

Rotational Molding allows you to decide how you want the outside of your part to look and feel when it comes to surface finish. Whatever finish is applied to the mold cavity, whether that be a Smooth Finish or a Textured Finish, it will show up consistently on your product.


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